Monday, January 30, 2012

*extends hand* "Gavin Mitchell. Pleased to meet you."

Ok, so clearly I'm not Gavin Mitchell, but you remember that episode of Friends, right?  Where Gavin babysits Rachel's newborn and expects a handshake?  ha!  so here's to awkward introductions!  :)


One look at me and you'd probably guess I'm a high-maintenance prep.  [but I'm really down to earth]

Over hear a convo between me and my BFF and you'd probably think I was a high school cheerleader.  [omggeee I just love those new shoes!  they are gorge!  you are so stinkin' pretty!  ugh!!]

Catch me at my workplace, and you’d probably be completely thrown off.  [grab the goggles and nitrile gloves; it’s about to get crazy!]

Get me in a quiet place with a Bible or some praise music, and you’d see the truth.  [after all, I am a child of God]


I am, what I like to call, unclassifiable.  I don't really fit into any category you'll ever find.  Especially if you just glance at me.  I'm willing to try most anything once, and maybe that's why my interests are so diverse.

  • I love to play dress up.  I want to look as good as I feel, everyday.  So I dress it all up as much as possible.  Dress or skirt, paired with a great pair of stilettos.  Eyeliner and lipgloss.  Pearls of course.  All these things make me feel so yummy.  And yes, sometimes I've been known to answer to "Barbie."  Like seriously, what's the big deal?
  • I love science.  I am a part-time chemist/part-time housewife.  I have my bachelor's in chemistry, and work at my old alma mater – a small private Southern college.  People used to be so confused when I told them I majored in chemistry.  They’d always wrinkle their nose and ask “really??”  I eventually began to channel my inner-Elle Woods and respond with a classic “what?  Like it’s hard?”
  • I love to cook.  Anything.  From scratch.  The more dishes it dirties, the more satisfied I am.  My husband could probably live without the mess, but he never talks with his mouth full!  I am a Martha Stewart wannabe.  [Minus the jail time and annoying voice.]
  • I love to be active.  I prefer baseball, but that usually requires multiple people.  So in lieu of that, I settle for running.  or canoeing.  or archery.  That's right.  I hunt.  With the best of them.  And I'm thinking about fashioning my own camo stilettos.  Anyone interested?
  • I love cakes.  I'm quite the caker.  They pretty much started controlling my life a few years ago, right before the cake world exploded.  Thanks to guys like Duff, Buddy, and those DC princesses, my life as a caker makes me seem cool.  Which is pretty exciting for a science nerd  like me, who's dodge neon license plate reads "element 10," who thinks elbow patches are TERRIBLY sexy, and who really wants new solar panels for Christmas.  I grew up watching my sweet grandma decorate cakes.  She gave me my first pastry bag and icing tip.. and it's been heaven ever since.
  • I love my husband.  No one can make me laugh till my sides hurt, make me feel like a million bucks, keep me grounded or help me soar, like he can.  He was my high school sweetheart, and I can barely remember my life before him.  My other best friend – is my sister.  I begged and begged for her, and eventually one day, I got her.  It wasn’t until years later that we became best friends.  Now college has ripped her from my life again, but I’m so in love with seeing where she is going in life.  She has a beautiful soul and while I always thought it was my job as the big sis to be an inspiration to her, it turns out – she has become the inspiration to me.
  • I love my future.  Hubs and I have been married for 6 years, and will be [finally] welcoming our first child this spring.  I can’t tell you how excited we are!  We prayed for this little one for years, and I still have a hard time believing it’s on its way.  Despite the daily kicks and growing belly, I can’t believe it’s finally happening!
  • I love Christ.  What can I say?  I save the best for last.  I am a Christian through and through.  I am humbled in the presence of the Most High.  I have been pulled from the depths of hell through His Love.  He saved me when I didn't deserve it.  I am forever grateful.  I am forever faithful.  And I will forever serve Him.

I started this blog because ... well, because I've always wanted to.  I was always waiting for the right moment.  The right thing to come along that was exciting enough to blog about.  But the truth is, so many people seemed intrigued by my life as it was.  So many people were trying to live vicariously through my adventures... even if I thought they might be nerdy or boring.   So I woke up one morning, after my life had taken a huge right turn, and thought to myself "this is ridiculous.  I'm starting over.  Why not blog?"

So there you have it.  This is me.  Try as you might, it's unlikely you'll ever put me in "a" category.  Let's just face it.  I'm unclassifiable.

What can you expect from me?  A little bit of everything, I suppose.  Look to this blog for stories about traveling, trying my luck at growing a green thumb, my latest cooking adventure or DIY craft, my newest stilettos, anything and everything in between.

You don't have to understand me.  You don't even have to like me.  I'm okay with either.   But what life has taught me in these 20 some odd years, spending a few weeks riding shotgun from coast to coast, living a few months in a hotel, seeing nearly every corner of this great nation – you’ve got to learn one thing in life.  Enjoy the ride.  Welcome to my world.  :)