Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Lady Jane

A few months ago, I met up with some friends from college for lunch.  I was the first one at the restaurant, so instead of waiting at a table by myself, I decided to explore a few shops around the town until the others got there.  I stumbled upon an amazing vintage boutique called “The Lady Jane.”  What this place lacked in size, it far exceeded in character.  The collection of rustic, romantic antiques was perfect!!  It was immediate love at first site.

Shortly after falling in love with nearly every single piece in the place, my friends called and I had to leave.  That was probably best for my wallet, but my heart was broken.  I couldn’t wait to grab my sister and haul her off for an afternoon spent in this little shop, completely dreaming up how we’d redecorate our entire houses, as if money were no object.

Last week, Lady celebrated her one year anniversary of being opened.  She, being the awesome lady she is, decided to host a week of giveaways.  Of course, I entered every chance I could.  On the second day of giveaways, she gave away my absolute faaaavorite item – a small glass domed cupcake holder.  Eeeeekkk!!!  I just hhhhhad to have them.  Y’all know how much I bake!  And wouldn’t you know I *just* whipped up a batch of these:

Ohhh so pretty, but wouldn’t she be beaut in her own cupcake holder??  I just had to win.  I just had to!  No one could possibly want this as much as me!

Well, I didn’t.  Bummmm-er.  I knew she had more in the store, but with the 5-week old baby at home, would I ever get back to the shop to snatch it up before someone else did?

The next day I tried to redeem myself and entered the next giveaway from Lady Jane.  This time it was for a gift certificate.  One for you and one for a friend.  Wouldn’t you know, it was for the exact amount that those cupcake holders cost?  And wouldn’t you know… I won!!!  And the perfect thing was, I gave the other certificate to my sister!

So on Saturday, we did just what I planned.  We packed up the stroller, took little man along for the ride, and spent the afternoon gabbing about how we’d redecorate our entire spaces with antiques.  And this little puppy came home with me.

See!  Doesn’t she look so much happier in her own stand?  :)

I know I’m blessed.  There’s no doubt about that!  But this is just another example of the little things that God does in our lives.  He knows the desires of our heart.  And when we let Him, He gives them to us.  I know it was just a silly little material position, and as much as I wanted it, I knew I didn’t need it.  So when I got it, I was just a little giddy, and very, very thankful.

Now, about those Zucchini-Spice Cupcakes?  Well, they are sooooo delish!  You’ll want to save all the zucchinis out of your garden for making these cupcakes alone.  They are amazing!  Definitely one of my most requested cakes.  And believe me, I get a lot of requests!  ;)

I’ll share the recipe soon.  But if you already have the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book, it’s page 44.  You’re welcome.

Thanks Lady Jane!  I love it!!  :)

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