Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Move Over Baby!

So, I’ve been MIA for 3 months now.  WOW – that’s crazy!  Let’s play catch up, like super quick, shall we?

First, we moved.  Yeah, I know – didn’t we just do that?  Yep!  Twice in one year.  Boy that was fun.  But our lease was up at the end of June, and our house, which was on the market, hadn’t budged.  The inevitable was happening – we had to move back into our house.  We just couldn’t make two house payments work anymore!  So we decided to move at the end of March / beginning of April, when I was 7 months pregnant.  Certainly it would be easier to move while 7 months pregnant than with a one month old baby, right?

Ughhhh it took forever!  Or so it seemed.  Because we were still signed into a contract until the end of June, we took our time and tried not to stress about the move.  For a 7-month pregnant lady, that’s a good thing.  But at the same time, it’s not.  I just wanted it to be over!

When everything was all said and done, we had everything back in our new (old) house and all the essentials got taken care of, just in the nick of time.  No, the nursery wasn’t finished.  No, the crib wasn’t even set up.  But we had a pack-n-play, and some diapers, and that was just going to have to work!

37.5 weeks.  How did I not fall over?
At the beginning of May, Baby Queen (gender was still unknown by us!) was growing rather large.  In fact, the docs had me a little freaked at how big it was going to be.  So I was hoping that it wouldn’t get any bigger and I wouldn’t go much past my due date.  I reeeeally wanted to have the baby on my due date at the end of May.  It was my husband’s birthday and he was really looking forward to it!!

5 weeks vs 41 weeks

No such luck.  Due date came and went.  And so did 11 other days.  Finally, at 8 am on Wednesday, I was induced.  36 hours later, baby BOY Queen came into this world.  That’s right.  36 hours.  26 hours of no food.  20 hours of active labor.  And just over 3 ½ hours of pushing.  I didn’t think I would EVER get that baby out!!  Oliver Lincoln weighed in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches long.  His head was 14 ¼ inches.  Yep.  I’m pretty sure a size 0 girl should not be birthing such a large child … but I did it!

One day old
Isn’t he precious?  Looks JUST like DH, swear.

So yeah, after giving birth to a child that was nearly big enough to carry me out of the hospital, I parked it on the couch for a few weeks.  Yikes!  DH didn’t know he’d have to take care of two babies – Oliver and me!!

So here we are.  Little Man just turned one month old this past weekend.  And I’m finally starting to feel human again.  Believe it or not, life is slowing down and I think I’m ready to tackle this blog again!  A little more about Lil’ O: he’s already sleeping through the night.  He’s up to 12 pounds.  And he loves the ceiling fan.  And one of the best parts: Momma’s back into her pre-pregnancy jeans and stilettos.  Thank you very much nursing!!  :)

Promise it won’t be another three months.  Promise.

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