Monday, February 6, 2012

The Box Fort

Shew!  What a crazy weekend!!  But it made me appreciate the life I’ve been given so much more!

So I headed out on Saturday for a funeral and a friend’s baby shower.  Yep.  Funeral then baby shower.  Kind of bittersweet, right?  One life ends, another begins.  It was all so overwhelming, but I think I handled it all pretty well.  The most overwhelming part was that my dear sweet friend is only 9-10 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, and this was her last (LAST!?) baby shower.  As in, she’s done.  Everything.  UGH!!!  I haven’t even started!!!!  I’m not registered, I haven’t signed up for birthing classes or interviewed pediatricians.  I haven’t registered with the hospital.  The nursery is packed full of boxes and two twin beds – what the heck!?

And then, I knew what I was coming home too…. A huge mess.

I’m so thankful for my dear sweet husband and his amazing friends.  They took it upon themselves to have a “work day” at our house on Saturday while I was gone.  The short of it is, we moved into a new (to us) place over the summer.  Yes, the SUMMER.  I hate saying that.  Here we are well into WINTER now and we still didn’t have everything moved out of our old place.  So yep, you can guess it.  TWO house payments.  We want to rent out our old place (we’ll lose way too much money if we try to sell) but it’s impossible to rent, if it’s still chalked full of crap we don’t need anymore.

So those dear men spent all day packing up… pretty much junk and hauling it either to storage or our new place.  I just knew that when I walked in from the day’s festivities, the house was going to be a wreck and I was going to be terribly overwhelmed.

Truth is?  They did SUCH an amazing job!!  It’s so nice to finally have all our furniture now.  And the boxes of junk they plopped in the middle of the living room floor?  They were nicely packed, and well labeled.  Aaahhhhhh men after my own heart!!  Some of them even had cute little comments that made me giggle.  Like this drawing:

I mean, seriously.  How could that not make my day?  [get it – the stick girl is preggers, like me.  Hehe]

Anyway, hubs and I came home from church on Sunday and had enough time to unpack quite a few boxes before the BIG game.  So we ended up watching the game from our couch.  I thought it might be a little cramped with all the boxes, but it wasn’t bad:

And you know what was the best??  We got rid of our coffee table when we got the smaller living room.  So all these boxes lined up – hello!  I had a foot rest, pizza box holder, and drink holder, all within reaching distance.  I mean, surrrisly.  What football-loving, pregnant woman wouldn’t want to watch the Super Bowl like that!?

And as for tonight.  I’m thinking about building a fort before hubs comes home from work.  You know you remember that episode of Friends:

Chandler: Isn’t this a woman’s hat?
Joey: Stop talking crazy and make us some tea!

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