Thursday, February 2, 2012

what's in a name?

What’s in a name?  Well, I’ll leave that up to Shakespeare to decide.  But for my blog, it was simple.

We’re long time fans of the show Green Acres.  Ever seen it?  Yes, it’s older than my husband and me … combined.  (wait, no.  that was a stretch.  Darn it!)  It’s crazy cute and absolutely our favorite.

For those that may have missed it, it’s a silly little show, where a lawyer from New York, Oliver Wendell Douglas, and his spoiled, beautiful wife with an incredible wardrobe, Lisa, pack up their fancy belongings and move to a rundown shack in the country, in hopes of starting a farm.  Almost our story.  …okay, not even close…


We’re not from the city.  We both grew up in the country and have a love for the land – although we didn’t really get our hands too dirty in our younger years.  But it’s our hope to now.  We really want to start a garden – maybe just a patio garden like OWD had in NY, for now.   Just something.  Anything.  That’s home-grown, tastes oh so yummy, and saves us some $$$

Eventually we want some Acres of our own.  Nothing too big.  Just something to take care of, grow some veggies, and let the kiddies run around.  We want a garden, lots of fruit trees, some herbs.  Hubs really wants to start beekeeping, and I’m all for vermicomposting.  In our minds, we’re regular green thumbs! 

So what about the “Queen” part of our Acres?  Well that’s even easier.  It’s our last name.  :)

So come along with us!  Watch us learn, laugh at our mistakes, or share your advice!  I can’t wait to see what Queen Acres will become!

And I promise you.  My husband won’t be gardening in a three piece suit.  But if I can get by with a knee-length dress, pearls, and gorgeous cat-eyes like Lisa while I’m tending the crop, you better bet I will!  ;)


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