Tuesday, February 14, 2012

that rubber band trick

I am sooooo exhausted.  I mean, to do all this crazy stuff that I’ve been doing the last few days is incredible.  Strap a 17 pound turkey to your belly and suddenly it’s a lot more difficult!  But I’m thankful there is some order to my house (you gotta reeeeeeally wanna see it) and that the baby registry is DONE.

My 17 pound turkey
you gotta reeeeeeally wanna see it
I have so many pregnant friends / family.  I guess it’s just that time in my life when a lot of people that are my age are starting their families.  It seems like for the “mini baby-boom” we’re having around here, I’m one of the first to lead the way.  And a lot of us are first-time-moms.  So, I’ve gotten asked quite a few times, about when I started showing and how to make my clothes last longer.

I told many girls about the “rubber band trick” but when they started shooting me the deer-in-the-headlight look, I figured maybe I should explain myself better.  I don’t know where I came across the rubber band trick.  Probably in one of the countless books I’ve read or forums I’ve posted on.  But it’s a pretty clever trick to make your jeans last a little longer.  I started this around 8 or 10 weeks (preggo brain has taken over – I have zero memory these days).  Around 15 weeks, it didn’t work for me anymore.  I snapped a few rubber bands and whipped out the maternity gear.

I have tried to explain this several times, but apparently have failed with my words.  So I thought it would be easier to show you ladies what I’m talking about.  Disclaimer: I had to put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans to show you exactly what I meant.  I’ve heard some girls say that with a rubber band and a Be-Band, they can make their pre-pregnancy jeans last throughout their entire pregnancy.  Let me let you in on one thing.  THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.  Or at least they were lying to me, after wearing solely maternity pants for the last 10 weeks, there is NO WAY I could walk out of the house in pre-preg jeans with a rubber band holding them up.  I could barely get my thighs in these things, much less over my butt.  It was not comfortable and the site was not pretty.  [you’ve been warned!!]  And for the record, these were my “fat jeans” and yes.  The label does read a size 1.  Don’t hate.  :(

First, get a large rubber band.  Loop it around the button of the jeans.

Then, pull it through the button hole of your jeans – through the front.

Next, pull it back around towards the button of your jeans.

Loop it back around the button, one last time.

Like I said, when you first start showing, whether it’s baby or bloat, this will help extend those jeans a few more weeks.  Make sure to wear a long shirt or a Be-Band to cover it up.  I mentioned that I went to maternity at 15 weeks and never looked back – that was partly because I have a job that requires a LOT of movement.  If I had a desk job, I’d push the rubber band trick until it breaks.

Good luck ladies!  Let’s keep growing and glowing!!  :)

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  1. That is a great trick! I used a bella band (same as a be-band I think) for my entire pregnancy the first time. I'm not kidding - I owned maybe one pair of maternity pants and none that worked for work. So I know it can happen! But THIS time? I was fully maternity pants starting at around the second trimester too. I don't know what's different - I weigh the same as I did at this stage with my first pregnancy - but they do say every pregnancy is different. So weird!